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A little Tid Bit

It starts with the Beans...

Coffee Roasters of Charleston was founded in 1991 with a simple mission, Francisco Davila wanted to hear his clients say one thing.


"This is the best cup of coffee I have ever had."


We've had the pleasure of hearing these exact words from our customers for over 2 decades.  How does it happen, we think it has a bit to do with where we select our coffee from and how we handle it. 


Specializing in finding the highest quality Colombian arabicas, Francisco Davila's Signature Coffee and Rainbow Coffee travel in the freshest possible form, the green, unroasted bean.  Once it reaches the oldest coffee port on the East Coast, the supremo arabica beans are hand roasted in small batches, blended and prepared for market by Coffee Roasters of Charleston.  Arabica beans are grown in the mountains at altitudes of 4,000 to 6,000 feet above sea level assuring a longer growing season and a richer coffee.  Supremo Ababicas are the finest grade beans available on the market, and are known for their larger size and rich flavor.

Francisco has been a member of the Specialty Coffee Roasters of America since 1991 and is a recognized professional "Cupper".  The coffee world's official tasters, Cuppers grade roasted coffee in prepared batches through a specific and rigorous evaluation system.  They classify in a range from Super Premium Specialty through Questionable based on aroma, acidity, body, flavor, uniformity and a clean cup or lack of imperfect aftertastes. Each batch is scrutinized by Cuppers to find the best beans in a region.  Francisco has been one of the cuppers chosen to participate in Colombia's Cup of Excellence competition, the premiere coffee contest in the world.  In one of the the contests he judged, the winner of the contest, a humble Colombian coffee farmer sold his championship yield of 2000 pounds to a Japanese buyer for a world record price of $139 a pound.  That was a very good day for that farmer who didn't even have a vehicle to get his beans to the contest...   Beans Francisco is specializing on importing today come from the same region as this one.  By inspecting farms himself and cupping on site, Francisco is able to identify the finest possible coffee's in the world and bring them to your table.

By sourcing these fair trade and organic arabica beans, roasting them in small batches and then bagging them immediately to seal in freshness the Coffee Roasters of Charleston produce a super premium specialty grade coffee that is ready for you to enjoy in your home.  Rainbow Brands coffees are sure to satisfy the most discerning specialty coffee connoisseur.

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