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Where freshness is a quality essential

Our Mission :: To hear our customers say "This is the best cup of coffee I've ever had!"

Since 1991 Coffee Roasters of Charleston has been sourcing fine coffee from around the world and roasting it in small batches, according to our time tested traditions, to bring you a consistently smooth and delicious cup.


Our master Roaster Francisco Davila and company founder is from a Colombian of 'Cafeteros' that discovered the climatic conditions of the Andes Mountains near the equator where year round stable climate provided an optimal growing environment for coffee.  It is the consistent mild temperature and ideal mix of sun and rain that results in the high quality of coffee that Colombia is so famous for.  One of his ancestors was responsible for the region of Huila when coffee was introduced in the 1800's.  Today that region is one of the greatest in the world.  Our "Rainbow", "Francisco Davila Specialty Coffee" and new "Bootlegger"  brands focus on roasting these and other fine arabicas to bring out their unique and delicious characteristics. 

Our lighter roasts, Charleston, Morning and Medley bring some of the tangy citrus notes.  The Full City Roasted Colombian Supremo exhibits some of the cherry and chocolate as well as a touch of carmel.  Take a step toward the Dark Side with our Early Bird or Sexy Seven roasts and you'll find more carmel and chocolate with the rich smoky and smooth finish.  

A new generation...  Kevin and Carolina Davila Jewett joined the company in 2012 with fresh passion for our company mission and a vision to create a national brand.  To start they have helped expand our relationship with Sam's Clubs.  You can find Rainbow Coffee at Sam's Clubs in North Charleston, Bluffton, Columbia (Harbison), and Easley, SC as well as Pooler, Savannah and Brunswick GA.  They are also working with local vendors, restaurants and through their retail outlet Bootlegger Coffee Co.  Through Bootlegger Carolina and Kevin are working to offer a variety of origins as well as service to local vendors.  With their mobile coffee shop as a lab they are out testing and fine tuning their craft every day.  

"In the morning the clouds come through the window and gently wake you as crystal tears roll off the leathery leaves of the coffee trees..."  Francisco describes memories the beauty of the coffee growing regions. "The rainbow is present where there is both sun and rain.  It begins in the mountains of Colombia and reaches Rainbow Row in the port of Charleston, South Carolina."  Just down the road from where the company was founded in 1991.  

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